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We are bringing you the PRESTIGE KIDS SPA experience for you and your friends to enjoy virtually in the comfort of your own home. Are you ready to be pampered with  A Manicure featuring a sweet sugary scrub and lotion, Lets also moisturize our feet with lotion accompanied with fun plastic booties. Sheet mask and cucumber eye treatment, look super chic with a color clip in hair extension and face jewel enhancements? Let's get comfy, and get ready to Spa with us as we celebrate your birthday in a way you and your friends will never forget!

Our Virtual Hostess will guide everyone through each activity

$250 + shipping 8 girls $35 per additional girl

15 mins set up instructions + 1 hr Zoom Party

  • Each guest will be receiving the following Virtual Spa Birthday Party Kit:
  • -Name tag for each guest 
  •  they will write their name and wear during party 
  • -Mini Nail File set 
  • -Nail design stickers ( easy application & less mess )
  • - Mini nail polish set 
  • - Fizzing hand Soak bath crumbles
  • - Mini Size  lotion
  • - 2 plastic foot booties
  • - 1 Paper sheet Mask
  • - 1 color clip-in hair extensions
  • - gem stone face enhancement stickers
  • -1 Virtual PRESTIGE KIDS Spa Hostess

  •   Each guests will need the following at home:
  •   Please have these item * ready before the start of the party
  •   -* 1 small bowl with warm water for mani soak
  •   -*1 large towel for for work station
  •   -*4 slices of cucumbers ( 2 for eyes & 2 for drink )
  •   -*A glass of water to drink and 
  •   -*toast our birthday celeb
  •   -*some markers and a sheet of paper
  •   ‚Äč-*create a Birthday card for your
  •  -*friends to hold up and show
  •        Our Virtual Spa Party hostess will guide

    you through each activity.

    -Birthday Game

    -Nail File nails

    Applying sheet mask and cucumber eye treatment

    Nail design sticker and glitter application

    applying lotion and booties for feet

    Gemstone face enhancement

    color clip on hair extensions

    Length: 1 hr 15 mins Minutes

    Age Group: Recommended for Ages 6 to 11 years old. Parent supervision required if under 6 years old.

    Cost: $250 for 8 friends. + shipping ( if you choose )

    Each additional child after 8 children is $35 per child

                                           How it Works:

    We need $100 deposit to reserve your party. We will then pack for you for pick up or shipping.

    No refund on deposit as it will be use to pack and ship supplies

    All birthday parties are conducted via ZOOM video conferencing. If you need help just ask and we can help get you all set up. We will help you every step of the way.

    We will arrange a date and time for you to curbside pick-up your Virtual Spa Party Packs. Pick up location is Prestige Kids Spa in Burbank. We will ship to each individual Virtual Spa Party Kit to your guests. There are no refunds or exchanges due to COVID-19. Only the amount of guests you have paid for will be allowed into the virtual party. We will confirm the final numbers girls attending with you 5 days prior to your party. Payment in full will be via VENMO OR ZELLE BEFORE THE START OF YOUR PARTY.

    We will offer curb-side pick up on a date we agree upon unless you have chosen the shipping option. Should you choose curbside, once you arrive at the spa call us and we will bring your kit outside for you to pick up- ALL CONTACTLESS. If you choose shipping, there will be a

    fee according to your shipping address from Burbank, Ca.

    Send out your VIRTUAL invites. The link will be sent to you via a confirmation e-mail when we

    Confirm your final number of attendees with us 5 days prior to your party. You will be charged based on that number whether they show up to the virtual birthday party or not.

                                       Please text or call Anne

                                                 818 277-2605